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Did you miss past episode of your favourite Hindi or English TV Serial, Show or Sitcom? Are you tired of watching advertisements during entertainment time of watching TV Serials or Shows? Are you aware that you can save 8-10 minutes by skipping ads in every half an hour show by watching serial next day online? Do you want to see TV Serials, Shows or Sitcoms for free & end up saving monthly bills? Are you a busy person who wants to watch your favourite TV serial at your own convenience? Are you frequent traveler who doesn’t have access to watch Hindi TV serials every where you travel? Do you want to see TV serials or shows over smart phones while commuting? Are you fed up of traditional ways of swapping TV channels using remote control?

Our free online app which doesn't require any download provides solution to cater all these needs of viewers.

Enter to the site to see remote control type interface. Simple steps to follow after entering the site are:

Step 1: Select your TV Serial from drop down box.

Step 2: Choose the episode date from calendar.

Step 3: Click on Play button to play the selected episode.

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Disclaimer: This is to declare that none of the videos are uploaded on our site. Our application is just meant to simplify locating already uploaded video on other sites. For advertisement rates on this site, Please Click Here.